University of Idaho Diagnostic Services during Covid19


Parma is still receiving samples although we are operating with less staff than usual. Instructions for dropping samples off at Parma: 

  • Please email or phone James Woodhall at (208) 970-9667 (cell) in advance of dropping any samples off.
  • Please leave in front office at Parma or bench outside lab door.
  • Do not enter the lab.
  • Please  complete the sample submission form and bring with your sample or email to (
  • We will aim to process samples in the usual timely manner.

 Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is still receiving samples although the campus is closed and samples cannot be physically dropped off at the laboratory. Please call to make arrangements. Instructions for samples at Idaho Falls: 

 Sample Collection and Shipment For Parma and Idaho Falls:

  • Plant Samples: Avoid collecting plant tissue that is completely dead or rotten. Collect entire plant by digging plant roots. For foliage, wrap in dry paper towel in sealed plastic bag. For root samples, keep some soil with roots in sealed plastic bag.
  • Soil Samples: Collect samples in a grid pattern with at least 10 cores per acre is recommended at a depth of 12 inches. Collect cores in a bucket, thoroughly mix by hand or with shovel, and place a 1 lb subsample from the bucket in a labeled ziplock bag. Refrigerate samples if not shipping or delivering immediately.
  • Shipment: If sending by mail, please send overnight or by 2-day shipping. Make sure samples are labeled and include your name and phone number. Be sure to alert lab personnel, either by phone or email, of samples being mailed.
  • If you have any questions about sample collection or shipment, please call one of the labs and we can direct you.

Parma Address

29603 U of I Lane
Parma, ID 83660
Phone: 208-970-9667

Idaho Falls Address

1776 Science Center Drive, Suite 205
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Phone: 208-497-5312