Aphid monitoring in southern Idaho

Welcome to the most recent Southern Idaho Aphid Monitoring Network update. In collaboration with the Idaho Crop Improvement Association, Idaho Potato Commission, agronomists and potato growers, the network monitors over 35 sites across Southern Idaho. Our goal is to track aphid movements in Southern Idaho to help inform decisions regarding aphid-borne plant virus management. If you are looking for the Northern Idaho Aphid Monitoring Network (the Legume Virus Project) click here.

For the Southern Idaho Aphid Monitoring Network, we use the standard yellow bucket trap (pan trap) (Figure 1) to collect flying insects. These traps are checked weekly and number of aphids are counted. Crude identification of the types of aphids observed at each location is underway and may be available in the future. For more information on yellow pan trapping, check out this great resource here. In addition to pan traps, we also incorporate privately owned and operated suction traps at selected sites (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Yellow bucket trap (aka the pan trap, placed at ground level at a field edge)
Figure 2. A privately owned and operated suction trap (about 6′ tall)
Aberdeen – 315East5744110001
Aberdeen – 315Northwest02622522191610
Aberdeen – 315South11115141548250
Arco – East (Sunshine)002013107220
Arco – South (Jay’s)0014201107115
Arco – West (TP3)0008012128310
Arco 17006003156016
Arco 260001007151311
Arco 400400768120
Ashton 1 – South00197691920272
Ashton 2 – Central0002102119113
Ashton 3 – East00014597412431
Ashton 4 – Northeast0021151236352121
Ashton 5 – West44075122132521
Dietrich – East Home 11000100001143
Dietrich – East JV 2410200101100
Dietrich – East Home 330010021100
Dietrich – East HVW300
Driggs 1 – S7*0001707132
Driggs 2 – field 17*0000100300
Driggs 3 (D7)25008533951726
Driggs 4 (D2)3111212162045471
Driggs 5 (D13)0644161937212
Grace 1 – east01472285217
Grace 2 – near suction trap1101632371
Grace 2 – suction trap*01103420
Hidden Valley*0000000000
Holbrook 1 (bucket 1)152013000
Holbrook 2 (suction 1)*000001100
Holbrook 3 (bucket 2)005003000
Holbrook 4 (suction2)*000020100
Idaho Falls13951547910802
Richfield – North0000
Richfield R600000410140
Tetonia Back (by spore trap)0211310831695
Tetonia Front102432111751456
Tetonia Front (suction trap)*0001026273860566044104
Number of winged aphids captured in 2020